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Angela J. Ford (park)Hey…glad you’re here. I’m Angela and I’m passionate about helping creatives achieve their dreams! I’ve had several dreams that have been realized, just to mention a few, playing guitar in a rock band, moving to my favorite city, going to my first-choice college and publishing my fantasy series.

Throughout my professional career that led me from sports to nonprofit to healthcare to health and wellness technology, I kept coming back to one thing. How do I create a life that allows me to make money and only do work I love? How do I have more time in my day to write novels, spend more time with friends and family and travel?

Then it hit me, in order to spend more time doing work I love, I can’t sit around waiting for life to be perfect. I can’t wait to have the right amount of money in my bank account, or the right amount of experience, I just have to start!

In 2015, I quit my full-time job to focus on doing work I love. I discovered, life as an entrepreneur means you have the freedom and flexibility to choose your clients, plan your schedule, travel, and take vacation whenever you like.

In fact, you can do exactly what I’ve always wanted, live a lifestyle that doesn’t force you to spend 40 hours away from the things you enjoy and are passionate about. 

More importantly, you can focus on doing work that is fun and makes you want to jump out of bed every single day. (No more dreaded Monday mornings!)

imageOnce I quit the traditional lifestyle, the first major project I worked on was the release of my epic fantasy series for young adults. I wrote the original stories when I was a teenager, but now The Four Worlds Series has been revised and is wowing fantasy fans around the world.

You can find out more about my books by clicking here: The Four Worlds Series

Now I work with authors, writers, and bloggers. I’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and help you create a lifestyle that allows you to spend more time doing work you love! Let’s get you started on the road to success. Drop me a line!



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