Bad days happen to all of us, and you know what, it’s okay!

Not every day will be the perfect day. We won’t always wake up motivated and ready to change the world. We will certainly have those off days, days when we feel brain dead and unworthy. People will disappoint us, clients will disappoint us and circumstances out of our control will disappoint us.

It’s okay to get discouraged, after all we are all humans with feelings, it’s okay to be down in the dumps. The important thing to remember when those feelings come around is although you do feel bad but don’t give up yet! The reason most people fail is because they give up before reaching their goals!

Instead of reaching for a tub of ice cream here are:

10 things to do when you’re having a less than stellar day

  1. Remember the little things by thinking of a happy momentyou can download the app Happier and start sharing your happy moments.
  2. Find a moment of peace by going somewhere to be alone
  3. Distract yourself with laughter
  4. Visit a shelter and play with animals
  5. Grab coffee with a friend and talk it out
  6. Treat yourself to a new item – go shopping
  7. Listen to an inspirational podcast
  8. Read the stories of others
  9. Write about how your feel
  10. Plot your return to the land of awesome

What helps you when you’re having a bad day?


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