It’s still early in the year, and while everyone is on the trend of resolutions, goals, and planning for 2016, I thought I’d share my latest obsession.

Ever since Christmas I’ve been on a serious health kick with veggie noodles. Yep, I got a spiralizer for Christmas and the Inspiralized cookbook to go along with it.

Every day I’ve made a new creation: cucumber noodles with ahi tuna, Caprese salad with zucchini noodles, paella with carrots for rice, Italian salad with zucchini. You name it, I’m creating it.

While I’m super into veggie pasta right now, that will fade and I’ll find myself looking for the next trend in eating healthy. But what won’t fade is my decision to find creative and exciting ways to eat healthfully.

You see, it’s not about a resolution to eat healthy, it’s about turning those resolutions into a lifestyle. And in order to make those lifestyle changes, you have to:

  • Be open to change
  • Have the mindset to change
  • Surround yourself with positive motivators towards that change

While veggie pasta may be a fad for me right now, I know that when I move on, it will be to other delicious, healthy foods, because that’s my lifestyle choice.

Business is the same way. If you are focused on growing your business, attracting more customers, and having a mindset of success, you have to surround yourself with the things that will drive those values.

For example as a writer, I have to read a ton of books to keep growing my craft. I want to be a much better writer this year than I was last year. Which means I have to study the art, practice, learn more, and surround myself with writers who are pushing the envelope.

Part of my lifestyle as a writer is also being a marketer…

On New Year’s Day, I went out to brunch with family and friends. One individual asked me what I did.

I was in a joking mood so I replied, “Whatever I want.”

All jokes aside, it’s true though. And what I want to do is help others with their marketing plans and give them tips on how to make it happen.

In order to be a better marketer, I have to work with others, test marketing plans to see how they work, be a risk taker, try new tactics, and tell others how it goes.

One day I’ll wake up and I’ll be an expert marketing maven, and I know this will be because I spent so much time learning and practicing.

If you could walk away with only one value bomb, it is this: Learn. Practice. Repeat.

What are you practicing this week?


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