How are you using YouTube to create powerful videos and gain more subscribers, fans and new business?

The truth is…I’m not. Video has not become a part of my promotional plan yet but it is certainly a tool I plan to implement in the future. In fact the theme I chosen for my site was specifically to handle growth.

Multimedia tools I have used in the past for other projects include:

Camtasia by Techsmith – this tool allows you to record a your voice and screen and add animations as you edit your video. I’ve used it in the past and it’s easy to to use, understand and great for software trainings. They have a free trail period and from there a yearly license fee.

Vine – somewhat overshadowed by Instagram Videos but still a great way to shoot a brief looping video on the go. You can also hashtag to allow your videos to be easily found an encourage others to share.

Vimeo – YouTube is one of the biggest tool for video, however Vimeo provides a different experience for the more artistic creators. Since I have an interest in film and will one day create my own feature film I look forward to using primarily Vimeo and secondly YouTube to create and share.


What tools do you use to create and share video?

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