Overwhelmed with the never-ending updates of news feeds?

Don’t worry I’ve been there too.Social Media - is it worth it?

There are days when I feel burnt out with the number of social media streams available and the need to schedule another great post so that I don’t miss out.

One question I often ask myself when determining my use of social media: Is it worth it?

Honestly I use 9 different social media sites which is quite fun and only time intensive if I let it be.

Here’s the breakdown of my top three social media sites and what I’ve learned from joining the news feed.


In 2009 I setup a Twitter account because it was trending then. Now I continue because it’s one of my favorite social networking platforms. One of the best parts of Twitter is its ease of use on my iPhone; it’s one of my favorite apps and makes it easy to stay in touch often.

P.S. Twitter just had an update to profiles, have you tried it yet?

  • Posts: 4 times a day, morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening
  • Strategy: Sharing fun, information content I’ve found beneficial and reaching out to people who influence me.
  • Top Tip: Don’t take Twitter too seriously – it’s a fun and engaging platform with a variety of users. Only post content you are truly interested in, if it’s something you’d click on others will be more likely to click on it too.

Google Plus

My personal Google Plus profile came when I setup a Google Account, however over the past year and a half I’ve been using it more often. I recommend Google Plus because the communities are a great way to bounce ideas off of others, gain valuable feedback, and network. More recently I’ve become a Google Helpouts Provider and the Helpout Community helps keep me motivated. Plus they send me cool swag for sharing and achieving milestones!

  • Posts: I post sporadically on this site, mainly links back to my blog
  • Strategy: Network with other professionals
  • Top Tip: Starting a conversation is much more important than trying to sell products, gain clicks, views and comments. Personally I’d rather develop a valuable relationship before purchasing or featuring a business, product or person.

Facebook Page

Started because I wanted to connect with authors, writers and solo-entrepreneurs.

  • Posts: Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evenings
  • Strategy: Focus on lifestyle motivation and tips for encouraging others to take action
  • Top Tip: It’s obvious that Facebook Marketing can be frustrating, but if you already have a platform with a huge following by all means continue to spread the word. People generally like posts that resonate with them and provide value to enhance their lives or social media lifestyle.

What have you learned from social media marketing? Share your top tips in the comments below!


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