How can you use Pinterest to create a compelling visual brand story that people love and drive new leads and sales?

It’s Motivational Monday and I find the topic if Pinterest quite relevant.

My first monthly newsletter went out today thanks to the 30 Day Blog Challenge Email Lists: Still Relevant?

In my monthly newsletter I focused on a roundup of inspiration which has helped me keep going, which is why I created my Pinterest Board: Get Inspired.

Although I have other boards (more personal and less…errr….professional) my Get Inspired board is the one I use the most to Pin visually appealing images and relevant quotes. I also post images from my blog, other sites and my book.

Pinterest - Get Inspired

3 Ways to get noticed using Pinterest

  1. Link it before you Pin It – make sure your pins include linkbacks to your site – especially if you sale products via your website.
  2. Categorize it – ever wonder how people get their Pins to show up in categories? Select one for your board by click edit and selecting a category for your board.
  3. Grab the mobile app and pin on the go – inspired creativity is popular! Keep your Pin board interesting by taking pictures of your surroundings and uploading them immediately.

I’m a huge fan of going mobile and ideally would like to do 100% of my work from my phone. (I know, ridiculous right?) But it’s getting much easier as people social media focuses on being mobile friendly and keeping all of your social media needs at your fingertips.

How are you using Pinterest to get noticed? Share or post a link to your board in the comments below!

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