It feels like one day there was no such thing as social media, the next it had exploded.

Social media is everywhere, online, in stores, on billboards, it’s like the epic take over of social media. Which is why I joined the 10 Day Social Media Challenge.

What, another Challenge?

Yes! I love challenges, they serve as something that pushes me forward, knocks me out of my comfort zone and helps me think outside the box. Plus I get the chance to connect with others, read their spin on technology, social media, online promotion, life, the universe and everything!

Today’s prompt is:

What are three ways you can improve your current social media strategy today?

Coming in to the third place is posting consistently on all social media platforms. For the most part I tweet away multiple times a day, post on Google Plus and Facebook a few days a week and Pin to my hearts’ content on weekends.

I think increasing my consistency across platforms will help improve my social media presence. One of the things I hate to do, but I could, is to use an automation service like Hootsuite. I mainly use Hootsuite for my clients and although it would be me writing the posts and scheduling them, scheduling posts feels much different than writing them on the fly. (like now!)

Coming in second place is interacting with others. I do read other blogs, posts and share hilarious and/or inspiration pictures. However my networking and interacting skills could use improvement.

I love reading and replying to comments on my blog (speaking of which, leave a comment below), but sometimes, sadly, I neglect to go in search of those great stories tellers to comment, share and like their posts. It’s not that I don’t do it, I just don’t do it enough

Coming in first place is, having a strategy. Truth be told I don’t have a social media strategy aside from growth and to drive people back to my blog to read, comment, share and repeat (actually do me a favor and share this!)

What 3 things will you do to improve your social media strategy? (if you have one)

Social media Challenge


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