How do you plan your day to maximize productivity?

Is there a formula for getting things done? If you struggle with time-management, you know what it feels like to look down at the clock and realize the day is gone! While there are several recommended books to read on making things happen, what’s faster is quickly scanning a blog post of quick tips you can put into action to make the most of your day.

4 Quick Tips on Getting Things Done

1. Set your goals for the week

When we get in our cars to go somewhere, we generally have a destination in mind, the grocery store, work, a friend’s place or an event. Starting the week without setting goals is like hopping in your car for a joyride. You’ll eventually end up somewhere, but most likely not where you intended.

Take Action: Spend 10 minutes on Sunday afternoons writing down 2-3 goals for the week.

2. Plan your day

Just like setting goals, planning your day is important. If you have a lot going on it’s beneficial to schedule tasks into your day. Schedule more time for projects that take longer and do those earlier in the day while you have a lot of brain power. Use a notebook to write your to-do list or tap into the benefits of technology and set up reminders. A physical or virtual checklist will help you feel accomplished as you check items off.

Take Action: Try using Wunderlist to plan your day and create reminders to keep you on target.

3. Take a workout break

One habit of successful people is that they have a fitness routine. Workouts are not only benefit the body but also the mind, reinvigorating us and helping us focus on what’s at hand. Taking a break in your day helps change the pace and takes your mind off of a problem you may be focused on. The difference in scenery also helps restore your creativity so you can get back to work with a fresh mindset.

Take Action: Take a brisk walk around lunch time, or wake up an hour early to join a group fitness class.

4. Reach out to others

You don’t have to go it alone! Ever heard the quote: “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”? If you feel like you’re stuck and can’t get to where you want to be in life try reaching out to talk to someone. There are plenty of successful people who were once in your shoes and would be happy to help!

Take action: Talk to someone who inspires you and ask them what action steps they took to get where they are today.

Leave a comment letting me know what tips you have for making the most of your day.

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