What is keeping you from reaching your full potential?

Reach for the StarsThe road to awesome is paved with many road bumps…however I think we do things to prevent ourselves from reaching our full potential.

I think the cycle of self-sabotaging is more common than one would think. Ways I’ve found myself killing my opportunities without recognizing it have been because of fear, worry about what others will say or think and the repercussions of failure.

4 ways you’re not reaching your full potential:


Excuses are the number one reason why we fail. An excuse can always be fabricated for anything such as “I’m not smart enough, I don’t have time, it will take too long, I’m busy.” Trust me I’m the queen of excuses and while there will always be one, maybe it’s time to ignore them and just keep going.


Stop playing the waiting game, like excuses there will always be a reason to wait until something better comes along, until you have enough money or the busy season in your life ends. Waiting is endless and honestly if you wait to long to get started, to make things happen, to live your dreams you’ll be dead. True story.

Winging It

I’m a huge fan of winging it. But from past mistakes I’ve learned it’s more important to be consistent, to apply deliberate practice and to actively learn. Winging it when it comes to fun and play is no problem, but when it comes to business, life and making a difference, do your research and know before you go.

Settling for Less

We all settle for less. I know I’ve done it. Maybe I thought I wasn’t good enough or did not deserve to have the best. The truth is you don’t have to lower your standards to be successful. You don’t have to sellout. Identify your self worth, raise your standards and go for it.

Awesome isn’t easy. Reaching your potential is not a walk in the park. However encouragement and dedication will get you there.

What holds you back from reaching your potential?

List your top 4 in the comment section below and do me a favor and share this article!


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