Today’s prompt for the 30 Day Blog Challenge is all about finding joy in what you do and mastering four key areas to become location independent. As mentioned in my post “4 Reasons Why you’re not Reaching your Full Potential” I identify four key ways I keep myself from moving forward in life. Now that I’ve taken a look in retrospect to see what holds me back I can eagerly look forward to what key areas I need to master in order to move forward.

What skills do you need to build or refine to be a happy Suitcase Entrepreneur?

Taking this question I have thought through skills I’m good at and what I can do to move from myself average to expert.

Practice makes perfect

One of my favorite past times is playing video games. I have a Wii and when I set out to win a game I play for hours until I master each level. It’s amazing to me when I hand the controls over to someone else and they don’t know the tips and tricks to get ahead. Why? Well they haven’t practiced as much as I have. I have to remind myself every day when I get frustrated with my shortcomings that practice makes perfect. If I want to be an expert at something I need to keep practicing. Writing is one example. My goal is to be a an excellent writer and bestselling author, the only way to get there is to write consistently. (Thankfully blogging helps in this aspect).

You are what you eat

My wake up call to a healthier lifestyle happened in college. As every college student I not only gained the Freshman Fifteen but added an additional 10-15 pounds on top of it. Senior year I happened to be so busy I found myself going through Wendy’s drive-thru 1-2 times a day for my “quick-fix”. It was then I decided to practice self-control. I went from eating meat for every meal to once a day, once a week and finally become a pescatarian in May of 2010. Since I developed the right mind-set around food it’s been much easier to practice control in other areas of my life.

Keep up with the Joneses

Just kidding but as a workaholic I need to remind myself to take a break and enjoy time spent with those I love. I’m a people person and enjoy being the life of the party (when and where? I’m there!) Through friendships, building communities online or having a lively conversation with the stranger at Starbucks there are several ways I work on building and keeping relationships.

Take some time

Time is valuable and there is only so much of it everyday. As just one person I’m learning my limitations and what I can and cannot do with the time I have. I think it’s important to realize our boundaries and make the most of the time we do have. These are just 4 areas I need to pay more attention to in my life and work on.

Life of Purpose

Action Plan

  1. Continue to write consistantly
  2. Wake up earlier to ensure my daily workouts happen
  3. Spend time with friends and continue to build my online network
  4. Learn my boundaries and what projects to say yes or no to

What are 4 steps you will take to move from average to expert? Share in the comments below!

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