The best things about social media is that there is something for everyone.

The Social Media challenge does a great job of further explaining each network and ways you can benefit from each of them. The important step to remember is that you don’t have to be on all networks. Choose which one(s) you’d like to be on and network accordingly.
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The prompts for Day 5 and 6 of the Social Media challenge are:

How are you using LinkedIn to establish your credibility, build your professional rolodex and attract new clients, partnerships or business?

How are you using Google Plus to tap into your network and establish your authority?

If you are looking to establish a professional community and network with like-minded business savvy professionals, use LinkedIn.

I primarily use LinkedIn to reach out to other professionals and keep in touch. When I first began job hunting it was a way to reach out to contacts to network with them and find a job. As an individual LinkedIn is a great way to:

  • Keep in touch with other professionals
  • Look for jobs which are filtered according to your profile
  • Join communities and learn from other professionals.

For more options on using LinkedIn check out Day 5 of the Social Media Challenge

We know you’re heard of Google (who hasn’t?) which is why it’s important to tap into their social media network, Google Plus. I remember before Google Plus became popular. I was on it but nothing was happening. I decided to revisit my profile a few months ago, started posting and quickly had 500 people add me to their circles. Here are some tips:

  • Join a Community – find a community in your target market and share
  • Post Frequently – as with Facebook pictures are huge and tend to do well
  • Mentions people – much like Twitter you can mention people in a comment or post

For more ways you can use Google Plus check out Day 6 of the Social Media Challenge

The best thing about social media is all the apps, since I primarily use apps to manage my social networks thank goodness for the variety!

Are you on LinkedIn and Google Plus? How do you use each network to expand your reach?

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