A horn toots triumphantly in the background with the faint throb of a bass and muted beats of drums. Overlaying those tones is a drummer rolling it out on his drum set, a drastic contrast from the soulful sounds of jazz. The smell of barbeque wafts through the air, brought on by the same wind that brings disastrous kites to brush by the heads of unsuspecting small children. It’s just another sunny day at Centennial Park, the 132 acre park close to the heart of downtown Nashville which boasts of its take on Athens’ Parthenon. There’s always a party happening at Centennial from arts and craft fairs to Shakespeare in the park, live music, sports, food fests, it’s the number one stop for a holiday.


Don’t forget to bring breadcrumbs, the ducks come out every now and then.


Taking a peek at the river.


The Parthenon in all her glory.


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