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How it Works

Ads are a powerful way to reach new readers, but often there’s quite a bit of work involved. Researching keywords, writing Ad copy and selecting graphics takes time away from writing. If you haven’t taken a course or spent extensive time studying Ads, it can be rough starting from scratch. However, as a data nerd, I enjoy creating and setting up Ads as well as tracking the ROI. If you have the budget to run Ads and are determined to reach new readers, running Ads is the next logical step.



How it Works (continued)

Platform – choose between Amazon Marketing Ads (AMS), Facebook or both.

Budget – you get to pick your budget. It is recommended you have at least $200/month to spend on Ads. I personally recommend having a budget of at least $1,000 a month if your goal is to be a full-time author. You are responsible for your own budget. You are free to add to your budget or stop the Ad at any time.

Ad Setup – I will conduct research for your genre and provide a list of keywords for Amazon. If you are using Facebook I will select three graphics for your brand and write Ad copy. I will provide instruction on how to give me limited access so I can setup the Ads in your account.

Optimization – Adjust your Ads for the best ROI is an additional service and not included. Please contact me for monthly fees for optimization. This includes tracking your sales and Ad spend and making changes to the keywords. It also includes updating Ad copy and graphics as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my budget for Ads be?

Your budget is up to you. However, if you’re first starting out I recommend having a budget for $10/day to get started. For a book release a budget of $1000 or more a month is highly recommended.

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