Hello Social Media…are you there?

One of the top questions I’ve received related to social media is:

How do you know it’s working?

Which is a great question. Aside from the increase of followers, likes, shares, retweets, mentions and favorites, how do you really know when your social media strategy is working?

Today’s prompt, which happens to be the last prompt for the social media challenge is:

How are you measuring and tracking your social media efforts online?


…in other words what we also know as statistics.

There came a point in my life when I realized that all of the math I took in college was not in vain after all, and maybe I should have paid more attention in statistics class instead of sleep, skipping and doing the least amount of work to make a passing grade. (Before you judge me too harshly, you would too if you had classes for 8 hours a day and it happened to be the last one, talk about productivity going out the window!).

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My eyes were first opened to the importance of analytics when my boss announced to me that I was to become the next analytics guru, which meant I immediately spent my time learning about tools which track analytics and what to do with the data results.

Here are the top tracking tools I use to find out: is it working?

Google Analytics – if you have a WordPress.com site it comes with stats built in, however when I made the switch to a self-hosted blog, I added Google Analytics to further in-depth tracking. Analytics allows me to see:

  • Visitors – what kind of people are visiting my site? Do they keep coming back? Are they engaged? Do they click through a lot of content or read one blog entry and leave?
  • Referrals – how are people hearing about my site? Social Media? Other sites? Direct traffic? As of right now the top hits are coming from WordPress.com and Google Plus. (Thank you fellow bloggers and Google plussers!)
  • Content – what are the most popular pages/posts on my site? Right now the top blog post is: 4 Reasons Why you’re not Reaching Your Full Potential

There is much more Google Analytics can do, but with the information provide you’ll be able to:

  • Tap into the network which refers people to your side the most
  • Identify which topics/blogs are most popular and create more content geared towards your target market
  • Change up the content/design of pages/posts with low hits to increase visibility

Most social networking sites provide analytics so that you can see how your posts, tweets and pins are doing. For example:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics

The important things I’ve learned from analytics is that people are much more responsive to the real you.

I’ve had a blog for over a year and the top 2 posts to this day are:

How are you using the secret ingredient to make your blog more appealing to your readers?


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