Have you seen the 2009 blockbuster, He’s Just Not That Into You?

If not, it’s just another one of those romantic comedies I tend to roll my eyes at. After all, they all follow the same general storyline.

Boy and girl meet. Boy and girl lose each other. Boy and girl live happily every after. The “how” and “why” would be the reason to continue watching a romantic comedy.

In He’s Just Not That Into You, the boy tells the girl she is “the rule” and not “the exception.”

Wait…what does that even mean? It sounds like he told her she wasn’t “special” or “unique.” It sounds like he was saying she was “normal” – is that what “the rule” means?

In the dating world “the rule” meant that guys who are jerks are just that. Jerks. They don’t really care about you. Particularly if they cheat, lie, don’t call you back, etc.

In the dating world “the exception” means everyone makes mistakes. But there are people out there who genuinely care about you. And who are willing to overcome those mistakes to be the best version of themselves.

The Rule or the Exception


The same can apply to any lifestyle. We tend to look at people who do big things with their lives as “the exception”. They were able to do what they did with their lives because they are “special” and “unique” and “talented”.

Or they have the financial funds and background and upbringing to launch them into a successful life.

They are “the exception”.

Which automatically makes ordinary people like the rest of us “the rule,” because we don’t have what they have.

But what if we could?

What if we could change our mindset from being “the rule” to becoming “the exception”?


It all begins with a mind-shift change.

It doesn’t happen immediately, and it’s something you have to work on deliberately, every single day.

You can have the success you see in others.

You can live the life of your dreams.

You do have the power to reach your goals.

You can be “the exception”.

It’s time to start believing in fairy tales and making the impossible, possible. There are thousands of individuals spanning history who have already done it. You could be next. What’s stopping you?

Are you treating yourself like you’re “the rule” or “the exception”?

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