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Sophia and I met online during the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge, which inspired us to take mini challenges each day to improve our lifestyles vision and purpose. As an entrepreneur, writer and coach, Sophia is focused on helping others achieve happiness. Here’s her inspiring story!

How to be a Go Getter with Sophia Husbands

Q: Why you choose to become a Coach and what inspired you to make it happen?

A: Becoming an inspirer in the method of me writing, podcasting, coaching and talking came out through my self-exploration journey, called life. I was the person who had to ‘tap’ into my awesome self and share it with the world. Part of this was searching from within, listening to my inner tuition and heart and finding the way of being my BEST me. I went through different life experiences, including finding out what I did not like and having the courage to change it. A pivotal moment in my life too, was when my father died. Before he died he would repeat how he had a good life. A good life to me, was being honest with myself and going beyond fear and finding a way to make it happen. Go-Getter Me style.

Q: What obstacles to success did you initially encounter?

A: I would say that my initial obstacle was myself. This may have been on my belief system and not believing in me. One piece of advice that I would share to your readers is how it is important to listen to your heart. And then follow your intuition as a guide. This is even in moments where there is uncertainty. Once you have faith and trust in yourself then you will always find away. One of the things that you may do when thinking about or changing your current lifestyle is to do, what you THINK you should be doing. I call this ‘ould’ syndrome: should of, would of, or could of. This is not coming from a confident standpoint. Here you are not really listening to yourself and you will commonly find yourself going round in a circle. You then realize that it was right to follow your initial instinct.

In terms of how to manage challenges that you may encounter, also ask yourself first, what insight am I meant to be gaining. You may have a situation where you at first feel ‘excited’ for example with collaboration with someone. There is excitement, and then things do not go in accordance to plan. You may at first feel despondent but then realize that you may not have been the right partners. The key here is to trust that things will work out for your higher good. Maybe you were meant to go on an alternative route to your ideal lifestyle.

Q: What successes have kept you motivated?

A: This is a good question. I recommend writing down some of your successes, so if you are feeling any doubts about yourself that you remember that you CAN. My successes are varied and vast at different milestones in my life. In terms of the work I do, it is a success when I get feedback on how what I have done has inspired people to be the change that they want to see in their life. I had people dreams come true within a short period of time, achieve the lifestyle balance that they desire. I also had people very motivated in wanting to work with me on a project. I had some big Yes from influential people.

Q: What words of wisdom would you like to share?

A: I have said it previously, always listen to your heart and have trust in what it is saying. Another thing to remember is how you are abundant and have wealth in your life. This equates to your health, relationships, inner core, knowledge and experience as well as your currency. I talk about this also in my new mini e-course, which will help you to gain more of the resource of money. Think That you are Broke? How to get extra cash.

Q: What is one action individuals should take towards living a purposeful life?

I’m currently revisiting and learning the language French again. My favourite French word is ‘jouer’, to play. My advice for life purpose: play and make up your own rules for you.

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What one action will you take this week to be a go getter? 


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