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What is lifestyle design?

It’s the ability to live the life of your dreams on your own terms while completing meaningful work you are actually passionate about. Here are some examples:

  • Building your business
  • Writing a bestselling novel
  • Becoming location independent
  • Traveling the world
  • Buying your dream home

Who are the pioneers of lifestyle design?

There are many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who have left a traditional lifestyle of security to map out their own path. These are the pioneers of lifestyle design.

We all enter the journey of lifestyle design at different levels, which is why this section features individuals from all walks of life. You’ll hear stories from those who are just beginning to those who are fully living their dream lifestyle and teaching others.

What’s next?

My desire is to inspire and motivate you to begin or continue to live your ideal lifestyle. It all starts with taking action, so don’t simply read, take the next step by getting involved. Find out how at the end of each lifestyle design feature.


Seeing the Big Picture with Crystal K. Martel

Crystal is a traveler, writer and highly creative. While she has many talents, now she's a successful photographer, married to the man of her dreams. I had the honor of meeting her in Nashville, TN, through one of my sisters. Plus, she did all the awesome photography...

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Small Business Living with Jeff Brown

Building a business? It's key to surround yourself with like-minded individuals to encourage and support you! Jeff is one of those like-minded individuals I actually met via The Art of Work Facebook Group. Here's his inspiring story! Angela: Why you choose or what...

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Social Media Marketing with Christian Karasiewicz

Social media can be overwhemling and alot to take in! Christian Karasiewicz keeps you up to date on the constant changes in social media, particularly Facebook, and helps you gain results. I had the honor of chatting with Christian via Google Helpouts and have used...

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Reaching the Finish Line with Kallen Diggs

Are you on track to reaching the finish line? Sometimes you read something and it strikes you right away, or sometimes you see an issue and you know you have to take action? I stumbled upon Kallen's work while reading an article on LifeHack and reach out to him...

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Be a Pink Gazelle with Maryanne Pope

What is a pink gazelle? Maryanne Pope, a writer, author and entrepreneur is for sure! Although I haven't personally met her yet, from emails back and forth I can tell she truly has a caring personality that shines. Don't miss a word of her inspiring story: Q: Why did...

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