It’s over.

The 30 Day Blog Challenge has ended and the aspiring community of dreamers, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and bright eyed business owners have now reached the finish line. Looking back to day one of the Challenge I have come a long way. My main accomplishments?

  1. Moved my blog from WordPress to a my fully hosted website – read my farewell here
  2. Identified my self worth and blogged about ways I keep myself from reaching my full potential
  3. Discussed action items for my website to make it more fun and engaging and how to increase my online presence
  4. Learned about becoming a travel hacker and ways to stay productive while on the road

The past 30 days have been exciting and even better I got the chance to connect with others who took part in the Challenge, expanded my network across Twitter and Google Plus and even created a Facebook page. (It’s a newbie, go like it!)

I guess it’s not quite an ending, it’s a new beginning and I feel better prepared as I move forward. After all it’s time to put my editorial calendar together and go make things happens!

What have your learned over the past 30 days? Leave a message it the comments below!

Finish Line


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