15 Days to Freedom Challenge – Day One

For the next 15 days I’ll be participating in the 15 Days to Freedom Challenge with goal of blogging every single day. Today’s food for thought is:

What is your daily success plan?

My daily success plan is to live intentionally every day. There are days when I wake up raring to go, and there are days I’d rather stay in bed. But regardless of how I feel, I do  a few things daily which keep me on track.

Quiet Time

Each morning over breakfast I spend some quiet time reading a motivational book, Entrepreneur magazine or any other writings that keep me inspired. It gives me the gumption to take the day in stride, tackle any problems with a can do attitude, and stay calm working through conflict. It’s also encouraging to read the success stories of others and know that my dreams aren’t quite as far off as I think. As long as I continue to work hard and focus on the positive, I’ll continue to make great strides each day.

Coffee Hour

It goes without saying, I love a good cup of coffee. My grandma actually introduced me to Keurig and I haven’t gone back since. The jolt of caffeine is enough to wake me up and keep me focused throughout the day. Every now and then I switch up coffee for a cup of tea. The only one that provides a true substitute is CogniTea. I certainly recommend trying some samples. Their tea is actually just as good as they claim.

Writing Time

Writing is essential to my days, in fact, if I go to bed without writing, I feel the day has not been as successful as it could have been. Writing daily is important because one of my goals for 2015 is to finish the first fantasy novel in my new book series. Currently at 47,000 words and counting, my aim is to complete the first draft this spring and start the rounds of re-writing, editing and finally publishing. I can’t say that I’m the best at writing, but, as with anything, practice makes perfect.

What is your daily success plan?



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