As we begin to make positive change in our lives, undoubtedly we’ll receive positive and negative feedback from our circle of friends.

Regardless of whether we want it to or not, opinions matter and have an effect on our decision making.


Before getting all torn up with the feedback, here are some questions you can use to filter through the words that are thrown at you and move them into a “discard” or “review” pile.

3 questions to ask yourself when faced with negative feedback

  1. Is this person an authority on the subject?
  2. How successful is this person in achieving their goals?
  3. Has this person done this before?

4 questions to ask yourself when faced with positive feedback

  1. Does this person tend to agree with everything you say?
  2. Does this person put weight behind their words?
  3. Is this someone you look up to?
  4. How successful is this person in achieving their goals?

These questions allow you to take a step away from outside opinion and look at the big picture.

There are many successful entrepreneurs, authors and business owners who have faced tough criticism.

There are some who let that become their deciding factor and some who moved forward despite it.

How do you know if you should actually follow the advice you received?

I suggest surrounding yourself with positivity and listening to the influence of those who have walked in your steps.

How has positive or negative feedback changed your focus? Share in the comments below!


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