Are you trendy? Recently I’ve noticed the trends in similar thought across the web. It’s been one too many times I’ve seen an idea, thought, website or marketing plan duplicated by others. Which makes me question what is actually creative? Where does original thought come in? Or is it better to be trendy?

According to Urban Dictionary one definition of trendy is:

A word that’s used to describe something (mainly fashion and music) that is “hip and “cool”.

Other keywords included are mainstream, conformism, lack of individuality…you get the picture.

Are You Trendy?

People tend to…

  • write a certain way, because that’s what they were taught
  • market a certain way, because they are (generally) replicating a successful marketing campaign
  • run their businesses a certain way because it’s a learned trend

The world is continually progressing and what worked 30 years ago is not necessarily what works now. The thing is, if you’re doing the same thing everyone else is doing, nothing changes and the competition become steep.

Although it seems as if everything under the sun has already been discovered or created and history is stuck in endless repetition, I must admit we’re continually evolving. Especially when it comes to technology. Yet sometimes when I use my fingerprint to unlock my phone, I wonder if we’re moving one step closer to the foreshadowing told in Robopocalypse and iRobot.

While technology is on the fast-track, consumers are only invited to join the party of technology which can be mass marketed. Which leaves the question, what else is out there we don’t know about? The realization is, there is a lot and it takes someone who’s uncomfortable with staying comfortable, continues to reach and stops following the masses to find the unique, test the unknown and discover the next trend if you will.

How do you define trendy?


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