“Are you a reacher or a settler?”

This phrase coined in one of my favorite television shows made me step back and seriously consider whether I settle for the way things are or reach out and make a change.

Reach for an Opportunity

The 2014 Winter Olympics are over and the lofty dream of becoming a world known Olympian has ended for several talented and highly motivated athletics.

I can’t help but sadly compare the lack of Olympic scale achievement in my life with the sometimes teenage medalist who step out in front of the world to compete and win.

Although these proud Olympians are young their achievement was not without some sort of sacrifice. They spent years training, competing, pouring out sweat and blood for an event that may only last a few seconds.

Some may say it takes a special person to become an athlete, let alone an Olympian. It takes a special person to become a performer, an actor or actress, a celebrity. I beg to differ.

I don’t think it takes a unique person to become well-known or famous for a sport, a trait, or action.

Ask yourself these questions when you think of living your best life:

  • How bad do you want it?
  • Are you willing to hunker down and be miserable while you build your dream from the ground up?
  • Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn new strategies and techniques?
  • Are you willing to be humble enough to learn from others and seek their advice?

These are all questions I ask myself – especially during those days when I don’t feel motivated.

Although the battle may be internal there are plenty of external resources we can take advantage of to keep us on track.

One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to sit down and develop a strategy.

Envision your dream like taking a road trip into new territory. You wouldn’t hit the road without mapping it out or at least taking a GPS for guidance.

Planning is key to help you avoid unnecessary detours even if it’s just jotting down notes on where you’d like to be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year from now.

My planning recommendations:

  1. Take a look at the big picture – write down where you want to be to next year this time
  2. Write down at least three things you will do differently to take you there
  3. Write down goals for each week
  4. Write down goals for each month
  5. Stick your plan in a prominent place where you can see it daily and treat yourself to some tough love. Dive in and stick with it. Work hard and don’t give up.

Plenty of us give up everyday, we don’t stick with it, we settle, we accept less.

We deserve to give ourselves more which is why my resolution this year is to do more.

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What are your planning recommendations?


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