Are your dreams too small?What Hollywood Taught Me

Recently I took a trip to Hollywood, California to celebrate my birthday. With the turning of each year I believe it is important to celebrate the milestones and look at how far I’ve come and how much closer I am to reaching my dreams.

Hollywood is much different from Nashville, Tennessee. Even though everyone in Nashville is in the music industry and everyone in Hollywood is either in film or on stage, there are a couple differences I picked up on in the short time I was there.

Hollywood is much more diverse than Nashville. While there I met people from England, Brazil, Denmark, Puerto Rico, and other parts of the world.

Unlike Nashville, people in Hollywood aren’t obsessed with the rat race. They aren’t getting up each day to work a 9-5 job, or trading time for money so they can enjoy the last 5 years of their lives. They aren’t focused on the illusion of retirement: finally getting to travel, see the world, buy the expensive car, or do whatever your heart desires.

What I found most intriguing is that the people there are doing exactly what they want to do.

They are making films, creating music, owning their own businesses, and traveling the world. To be frank, they are living abundantly with what they have now instead of waiting for their ship to come in.

As I spent my time there I realized I want to be surrounding by people who are willing to make it happen, people who have major goals (which doesn’t necessarily mean becoming famous). I want to be surrounded by people who don’t think big dreams are crazy or out of reach.

Even as I think back throughout history, the people who had the biggest dreams were the ones who succeeded the most. Just think about it, there was a time when human flight was impossible– even dreams of flying were ridiculous. There was a time where electricity was just a dangerous thought. There was even a time (believe it or not) when iPhones and Apple Events were unheard of.

As I was walking along Hollywood Blvd, down the Walk of Fame, I looked down and there was Walt Disney’s name written on a star. Walt Disney did not become famous because he lived a life of survival. He did not become famous because he lived within his means. He did not become famous because he dreamed small. We all know why people quote Walt Disney. It’s because he had big dreams and he made them happen.

Here are my questions for you:

  • Are your dreams too small?
  • Are you just trying to get by with a survival mentality?
  • Are you waiting for the right time?

The problem with waiting is that life will pass you by and instead of living, you’ll only be surviving.

Enjoy these 16 Walt Disney quotes to get you inspired!


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