Raise your hand if you’ve found it difficult to do everything as a solopreneur. I have!

When you’re the only one on the team, you have to do everything, but it’s impossible! That’s why I’m such a huge fan of tools and resources that effortlessly do the work for me and make my life easier.

While I do have a full list of tools under Resources, today, I wanted to call out one of the newer ones I’ve started using. Freshbooks.

Invoicing is an important part of any entrepreneurial lifestyle, after all, I love getting paid. But, I realized building invoices, putting together estimates and sending them out to clients was turning into a time waster. Especially those recurring invoices, because I didn’t have a process I trusted.

Even requesting a deposit was difficult and I often ended up sending out two different invoices, one for the beginning of the project, and one for project completion. The whole system was bad for me, terrible for accounting and, I was certainly racking up the fees.

Just as an aside, fees are a normal process of doing business – sorry! Although most business owners realize, by now, sometimes you just have to pay to play.

Once I started using the Freshbooks system, I started kicking myself because of how easy it is! Here’s why:

  • I have one-time projects that require a deposit and a final fee at the end. Now I just create one invoice and send it out.
  • Ever have those clients who “forget” to pay? Well, Freshbooks automatically sends out reminders so you don’t have to worry about it!
  • Need to track hours for a project? Just turn on time tracking and you can convert your hours into an invoice when you’re done.
  • Do you need to send out recurring invoices every month? Freshbooks takes care of that too
  • While all those features are nice to have, my favorite is probably the branding. You see, earlier this year I finally coughed up the funds and got a beautiful new brand. I’m pretty proud of it and I LOVE showing it off – and Freshbooks lets me do just that. Check out the cool graphic below for more details.

Build Your Brand Using These 4 Tips & Tricks

Ready to give a try? You can get your free trial here!

What tools are you using to make your work-life effortless?

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