Welcome to day 15 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!

As each day progresses I find myself growing, learning and being challenged to take action. I’d also like to thank each one of you for continuing this journey with me and hope your minds are constantly being opened to new possibilities.

Today’s topic is:

How are you building your email list?

An email list? But what will I say? And how is it different from a blog?

One of my past hesitations in forming an email list is that everything I want to say goes into my blog, and with over 100 subscribers I should be good to go right? My question has always been why an email list? Are email lists even relevant? Then I realized a great way to case study email lists versus blog posts displaying in WordPress reader was myself.email symbol

As a busy professional balancing a full time job I absolutely love (which tends to take over 40 hours a week of time), I have limited time to browse the web simply for the fun of it. Boredom is not a word I’m familiar with, but email is! I’ve found that I’m much more likely to read information that comes through on email than search it out on the web. What that means? Obviously email lists are still relevant even though I still find the time to search out creative content, freelance and of course spend time blogging, joining challenges and searching out opportunities for guest blogging. (Know of any? Let me know!).

Now that I have discovered what I should have known all along (thanks to the 30 Day Blog Challenge for this eye opener). I’m starting my email list via MailChimp, an email marketing service I have heard nothing but great feedback.

When you subscribe (notice I say when, not if!) I promise to only send exciting, inspiring, awesome content. My goal is once a month for now (starting small) but that may change.

Do you have an email list to help spread the word?

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