One action in my goal of personal development is to read more.

To help out with that goal I may have purchased an unnecessary iPad but the convenience is unbelievably worth it. The good read for this week is: Stepping Up: How to Taking Responsibility Changes Everything by John Izzo.

Reading this book is a refreshing wake up call, especially for those who tend to feel victimized by life, that the universe is against you, and that one person cannot possibly make a difference against the odds of the billions.


Ever listened to those people who talk big, who are going to do something great at some certain time? Yet they never seem to follow through with those plans. The dreams remain just that, stagnant dreams.

We get wrapped up in the many details of doing, following through and planning. For example writing a book, do you spend time developing a plot and describing an array of characters? Or simply jump in? While there is value in planning, a lot of that time is subconsciously spent hiding from the next step, which is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action.

Where does fate lie in all of this?

What if your life wasn’t left to fate? What if the universe is just that? The universe. I think we give credit for our lives too often to our family, work, relationships, fortune cookies and astrology signs.

Your life is not determined by the winds of fate, things may not always go your way but you are 100% responsible for how you handle each situation. The energy we put forth into this world matters.

If you want to see change in your life don’t leave it up to fate. Stop being afraid. Take responsibility and make it happen.

Case Study

As a young adult the responsibility of paying for college and buying a car fell on my shoulders. Once I graduated from high school in 2006, anything I desired had to be purchased by the work of my own hands. It taught me a valuable work ethic when I moved 250 miles away to attend college and start a new life in a new city. Working sometimes 3-4 jobs with a full load of classes I was able to move off campus and buy a car by the time I finished junior year of college. Although it may seem that I had less opportunity than most of my peers (especially at the college I attended) the truth is because I had more to overcome, I also had more to lose if I gave up and went home. It made me fight harder.

What dreams help you fight for what you want?

Take Action and Stay Inspired.


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