Right away I must confess I can take no credit for the title of this post. I recently read “Start” by Jon Acuff, a fantastic read on finding the courage to leave average behind and run toward extraordinary. You can check it out here.

Central Park

Lately I’ve been feeling closed off and pressed in by the city, by the constant hustle and bustle from city living. Up next is vacation time, a getaway from the noise and a chance to find my Central Park. Which leads to me to a huge question, where should I go?

The thing about finding a slice of green grass among the man made structures is that it doesn’t take long before you’ll feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. It’s much easier to slide back into the groove after silence.

What do you do to find your Central Park?

P.S. I added the video below since it it’s relevant to the this post, however I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on it. I love Vimeo because it appeals to the artistic nature. Filmmakers always fine little ways to incorporate surprises which keep me watching, wondering and looking for me.

ALONE TIME from Rod Blackhurst on Vimeo.


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