Breakfast in the canyon waiting for the early morning chill to be streamed away by the light of the sun. A custom omelet and salted caramel mocha is coming right up and as the sun touches the chilly landscape I am inspired.

I originally went out to Tucson, Arizona to spend time relaxing and writing. While there I was also able to spend plenty of time outdoors and running which junky developed my appetite.

Breakfast in the cool morning air made me feel spoiled with a huge plate of blueberry pancakes with yogurt, granola and a smoking cup of coffee a white chocolate mocha. A book by my side the hotel staff called me the girl who loves to sit outside. My first lunch was quite late and yet a light Caesar salad with unexpectedly large shrimp with a prickly pear margarita to match.


Yet another evening I had to chance to visit the Flying V Bar and Grill, known for its southwestern flair and variety of tequila. The host took great care of me and reserved me a lovely table by the window, where I could watch the stars peep out into darkness. I was far more interested in enjoying the spicy flavor of jalapeno cornbread and organic salmon fresh off the grill with mashed potatoes and asparagus. A midnight margarita was the perfect opening drink.

And finally, because you cannot be that close to the border without a taco, I enjoyed avocado tacos with quinoa and sesame seeds and a Bloody Mary for an early afternoon mix. Although I’m not quite a foodie I do enjoy good food and the flavors of Tucson are not something I will soon forget.

Where have you had your best meals?


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