As freelances, artist, creators, publicity seekers and entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for ways to stay frugal, cut costs, find great deals, travel hack and more.

Do we get what we pay for?

How cheap can we go without sacrificing qualify for cost? Is free better?

I recently took advantage of a cheap service for some design work, it was huge mistake on my end. As a professional who pays close attention to detail and expects high quality, I find myself deeply disappointed by art that looks like it was slapped together by a five-year old…which means something I could have done. After all we are visual people and images are the hook that grabs our attention.

flying dollar bills

When it comes to paying for a product or service normally I can carve out time and do it on my own. If not something that I feel equipped to do, that’s when I reach out to someone else much more qualified who can do something much better than I can dream.

While it’s hard to have high expectations, I refuse to settle.

When do you draw the the line between cost and quality?



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