Don’t you hate it when you get stuck?

The hardest thing to do is move past that point when you have writers block, a creative road block, or don’t even know which direction to head next!

It’s no coincidence that its National Mentoring Month and this week I’m focusing on getting educated.

There’s no better way to reach your dreams than to discuss with a mentor who has been through the process before and can offer tips, suggestions and frequent mistakes to avoid. Why waste time being stuck when you could be bouncing ideas off a mentor?


Here are some ways to get unstuck and move forward:

Talk to someone. Spilling your guts when you have an issue is a way to clear the air and gain a different perspective.

Put it in writing. Writing also helps to put the problem aside. You can use apps such as Unstuck to help you problem solve and find a solution.

Get educated. One thing that keeps us from reaching our dreams is lack of knowledge. There are several free educational resources online plus mentors, counselors, bloggers and other authority sites where you can get advice and learn more.
Since there really is no excuse, make it your task this week is to seek out a professional who is doing what you want to do and interview them.

Remember if you never try you automatically fail. The rate of failure drops as soon as you get started!

Need more? Check out these articles and site to get you motivated!

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