As the New Year sets in, it’s the tend to become focused on setting goals and establishing new behaviors for the New Year. I’m no saint; I do the same things.

In fact, I typically spend the week of New Years reflecting on all the great things that took place during the past year and what I should work on improving for the New Year.

2015 was a year of massive change that had its share of excitements and disappointments.

  1. In April of 2015, I quit my full-time job
  2. Hired a business coach to help me push to the next level
  3. Discovered a network of supportive freelancers online
  4. Spent 2 weeks beaching it in Florida with one of my best friends
  5. Published Book 1 of The Four Worlds Series and had a mind-blowing launch party
  6. Unlocked the secrets to the balance between work and life (just kidding, there is no balance)
  7. Found my ideal clients and the people I enjoy working with most
  8. Lost my motivation and drive and settled into repetitive mode

Yep, #8 is tough. Sometimes when big things happen it feels like you’ve peaked. I certainly did.

When I quit my full-time job I was quite nervous I’d end up not making enough money. After all, when you’re used to a certain amount of income, and it disappears, it can be scary.

So what did I do? Worked hard and hustled to make it happen.

Next, of course, one of my huge dreams was to publish Book 1 of The Four Worlds Series. That entire process exceeded my expectations. I was incredibly shocked and humbled by the reaction I received from it.

So, when life leveled out, my book was doing well, my income was steady again, and it was all a matter of keeping everything on track, I lost my motivation. There was nothing huge to strive for; it was all a matter of staying consistent.

That’s when I realized; I’m the sort of person who needs HUGE goals to aspire to during the new year. I need goals to push me forward and keep me motivated.

Earlier in 2014 I wrote a blog post about dreams, that is, are your dreams to small? Well, right now mine are. Because once I achieve them I feel like I’ve peaked and I wonder, what’s next? What great things can I do that surpass the last ones?

So my goal in 2016 is to dream a bigger dream, to get motivated to make it happen and take life to the next level.

I’m feeling a bit stagnant, and I don’t want to feel that way. So here’s what I was planning to do in 2016 that is not average but quite doable for me:

    1. Travel more – because now that I’m location independent I can work from anywhere!
    2. Publish Book 2 of The Four Worlds Series
    3. Continue to help other creative entrepreneurs do more work they love

And of course, the BIG things I want to do – the things that make me hustle and work harder:

  1. Focus on being kinder – this is going to sound hokey to you, but I don’t mind. I was watching the latest Cinderella and making fun of it, as I do with fairy tales. But her goal was to have faith and be kind, which made her sound like a complete wimp. But then I realized what the effects of kindness do to others, and I want to have that effect on others.
  2. Focus on relationships – In 2015 I spent a ton of time keeping my head down and working hard. Hermiting it up in my apartment while I freelanced. And yes, I needed and still need to do that, but more than anything I need to spend time out with my friends and family, nurturing those relationships.
  3. Enjoy every single moment – I spend a good deal of time freaking out in 2015, and I spent a significant amount of time enjoying those blissful moments when everything was perfect. I want most of those happy moments in 2016.

These aren’t necessarily resolutions; these are lifestyle changes. I honestly believe the things you want most you should work into your way of life. You’ll become a better person for it and down the road, you’ll look back and realize where the pivotal changes occurred and how the small steps made a huge different in your life.

A new year seems like a fresh start, but it’s on a continuation of life. How that life goes it up to you.

What are some changes you’ll incorporate into your lifestyle in 2016?


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