The time has come. You have a product or service, and it’s time to tell the world! However, there’s just one small thing stopping you. You need a website, you’re not super techie, and you don’t want to hire a website developer to build one for you.
(But in case you do want someone to build it for you, check this out!).

You’re in luck because today I give you my step by step guide for creating your own website, whether it’s a business website, blog, or sales page. Here are the key things you need to know to get you started.

Wordpress Website Step by Step Guide

First off, I’m a huge fan of WordPress for websites, even over Squarespace. WordPress may seem more technical, but in the long run it’s a platform that’s built for writers and bloggers, plus it has a ton of flexibility. While Squarespace is fantastic for landing pages or websites without blogs, here are a couple of other reasons why I prefer WordPress:

  • The default font size on Squarespace websites is pretty small and you’ll need to call in someone technical to update it for you, unless you can figure it out yourself.
  • Social media sharing buttons are pretty much invisible on Squarespace sites – you’ll need to add custom ones and if you don’t know how to do it yourself – you need to pay someone.

Step One: Step up your hosting

Your website needs to sit somewhere. Your website has pages and files and a ton of code, so you’ll need to purchase space for it online.

While I’ve worked with several hosting companies, setting up websites, one of my favorites is Dreamhost. Their customer service is fantastic, my websites never go down, and they keep it backed up and running smoothly.

1. Go to Dreamhost and click “Explore our Services”


2. Under “Managed WordPress Hosting” click “Learn More”


3. Sign up for Shared Hosting. If you’re going to have thousands of website visitors, I recommend signing up for DreamPress, which is what I use for my website.


4. Create your account using your email address and a password.


5. Choose your domain name, and hey, guess what, it’s free!


6. Choose your plan, you can pay monthly, a year in advance or even 3 years in advance!


7. Finish setting up your account.


Boom! You’re all setup!

Step Two: Install WordPress

You’ll get an email from WordPress with your login details. Click on it and follow the instructions which will take you to your WordPress Admin where all you need to do is select a username and password and login. How easy is that?

Step Three: Setup up your site

1. Once you’ve logged in to WordPress Admin, go straight to “Appearance” on the left-hand side of the screen.


2. Select “Themes” and go ahead and choose a theme.

Personally, I use the premium theme Divi by Elegant Themes. While it does have a cost, it’s perfect for building beautiful websites, plus the builder is similar to Squarespace, so you can easily setup your website without the headache.

Go ahead and check it out here!

3. Once you’ve purchased the theme, you’ll need to install it. Click > Add New > Upload Theme.

4. Upload the theme .zip file from your computer.


5. Final steps? Active the theme and start adding in your own content!

Here’s the part that seems to trip up most people. You don’t have to add all the bells and whistles. Your website should always be constantly improving, so focus on keeping it simple.

Need some suggestions? Read 9 Ways to Make your Website More Attractive

What questions do you have about creating your website?


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