Identify one most important action you need to do in the next 15 days

The most important actions are things you do each day to give you massive leverage in your personal and/or business life. When you’re setting yourself up for success, there are some actions which need to take first priority before you find yourself bogged down by distractions. For me, a couple of my main distractions or time wasters include checking email, surfing on social media sites, and creating lists. While creating lists is a great way to get organized, I find I often need to set a time limit on my to-do list for the day, i.e. spend 5 minutes jotting down what I want to do and then get started.

Over the next 15 days my most important actions include the following:

Writing a business plan for a non-profit. I’m thrilled to be working with a new client on the launch of their non-profit and am happy to provide my writing skills to help organize their ideas and put them down into one place. This is actually my top priority over the next couple of days.

Completing another segment of my novel and releasing those chapters to my beta readers for feedback. Happily I have met my writing goal for this week, but having expectant readers helps me make sure I don’t miss any deadlines! It’s also exciting to see the story come to life and I look forward to holding the completed book in my hands.

Publishing another thought-provoking blog post. Over the holidays I took a brief break from consistently blogging, but since my newsletter goes out each week, my focus is to ensure new content is provided for my readers. My mission is to provide encouragement, inspiration, and share what I’m learning through books, podcasts, webinars, and challenges like this one.

What are your most important actions you will focus on this week?


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