If you’re serious about marketing your products and services you likely have a landing page.

What is it?

It’s a page on your website without navigation with details about your offering. It has one goal. To get people to opt-in for your free gift or course or ebook or video series, whatever it is you’re offering. People can do 1 of 2 things. Either they opt in or they exit the page.

There are a TON of landing pages out there with excellent info and chances are your freebie is EXACTLY what your target audience needs and it will open their eyes, give them a different perspective and solve their problems.

But now YOU have a problem. You have a landing page set up but conversions (aka opt-ins) aren’t as high as you want them to be. People come to your page but most of them are clicking away instead of opting in. It is frustrating and annoying and makes you feel worthless.

Here’s the deal, you have already created something amazing but here are 3 steps you can take to improve:

Create compelling content

Unless you’re working with a professional copywriter or marketer it can be hard to write content that resonates. You have all the basics down, but somehow they aren’t doing the trick.

Start out with a compelling headline. What is your topic about?

Recently I created a freebie about a book launch and here are the headlines I created:

How to Plan a Book Launch

This one is okay but a little boring, it doesn’t do much.

My Book Launch Plan that sold 2,000 books in 60 days

This one is better but it’s very me-centric. After all, this isn’t about me, it’s about what I can do for you. I’m also not comfortable with promoting that headline although it’s true; book sales differ depending on the book, genre, and content.

How to Plan an Epic Book Launch in 6 Steps

This breaks it down, your book launch will be “epic” and I used it to sell my fantasy novel so the term is fitting.

“6 Steps” breaks it down and makes it sound doable. There’s a TON involved when it comes to planning a book launch and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

When I launched that guide, people opted in so fast I lost count of the numbers. It was a hit because it all started with a great headline.

It’s also about testing it out – take your headline and write 5 different headlines. Then choose the most juicy, compelling one that will resonate with your audience.

Next, test it out! Do a quick survey or go to your audience and ask them what headline would inspire them to click or opt in.

Make bullet points of what’s inside the guide

Your main goal with the guide is to inform and make their lives easier and better. So tell them what’s inside. You can break it down into 3 mini bullet points.

I recommend breaking them down into bullet points so it’s easy to scan and see what’s important. Quite frankly, my eyes tend to glaze over when it comes to reading great big blocks of content. So break up your lines and make it easier to read.

Before I added bullet points to my landing pages, people were coming to opt in but they ended up clicking away because there wasn’t enough information.

I read through the guide and took a hard look at the content. What am I really trying to say? Why should someone read this? How will it make their lives easier and better?

When I was creating my Step by Step Marketing Checklist, I divided it into 3 sections and listed out action steps for each one. In the research section I ended up having 4 action items. Which turned into:

4 steps to take when conducting research

But, what if you have chunks of text throughout your guide? It’s likely you still have sections, and your bullet point is a summary of those sections. Look at your section and write a summary. From there turn your summary into a headline.

In my Book Launch Guide the last section is just a lot of tips and resources I used and recommend. Although it’s quite lengthy I turned it into a summary:

Book Marketing resources I recommend

Obviously, that’s not compelling enough so I changed it:

Marketing ideas to keep the book buzz strong even after launch

Yes, it could be better but it’s an improvement. That’s the thing about marketing, you’ll have something set but you’ll always be discovering ways to improve. Don’t be afraid to hit publish even though your changes aren’t “perfect” yet.


Take a look at what others are doing

You can always get ideas from looking at what others have done. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I like about this landing page? What do I dislike?
What makes me want to opt in to their freebie?
What do I think the end result will be?

Take what you like and make it your own.

Use these tips to make your landing page shine and increase those conversions.

What tip are you going to take advantage of this week?


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