Today I want to write about something that’s very important to me. Branding.

A lot of different words come to mind when you hear that. What is a brand? What does branding mean?

There’s a ton of buzz words going around with things like “personal brand” or “company identity” and I want to write about WHAT that is and WHY it’s important.

I’ve been blogging for years now, and something I’ve never done is established a brand or identity for my blog. Those who have been with me from the early days know when my blog was just random rambling about the sunset or that awesome cup of coffee I had. (By the way, I’m having an incredible white mocha right now).

As I’ve grown so has my blog. It’s turned from just a hobby into a gig into a money making machine. Which goes right along with my life transitions from a blogger to freelancer to entrepreneur. Now, I’m ready to take my business to the next level and with that my desire is to present a more professional front.

So what did I do?

First off, a brand is so much more than JUST a logo.

It’s a common misconception you simply need a logo and you can be on your way. Another common misconception is you can create your own logo, especially with the rise of DIY sites like Canva, it makes it seem easy to do exactly what the professionals do.

This begs the question, why shouldn’t you create your own logo and put together your branding identity?


How much time will it take you to put together your own logo? 1 hour? 10 hours? 3 hours? How many rounds of revisions will you do? 3? 5? Let’s say you spend 5 hours perfecting your logo, and you’re not a design expect. What else could you have done in those 5 hours? Reached out to a new client? Closed a sale? Spent time writing?

Let’s say you spend 5 hours perfecting your logo, and you’re not a design expert. What else could you have done in those 5 hours? Reached out to a new client? Closed a sale? Spent time writing?

Realize the fact is, if you’re doing something you’re NOT a professional at, you are trading time for money.

For example, every morning I like to get up, enjoy a cup of coffee, read, refresh my mind and prep for the day by planning. Even just 1 hour I have to spend doing something I’m not good at upsets the routine.

Besides, if I do end up spending time doing something I’m NOT good at, I get frustrated, my mindset turns negative and I end up in a terrible place. Then if I have a potential client call me, I’ll probably be mad at them no matter how amazing they are, because my head is in the wrong place.

Now it’s your turn. If you can’t afford a brand for your business and you’re tempted to do it yourself, think about the trade offs. How much time will it take away from other money generating activities you do? How much time will it take away from your craft? Is that time you have right now?

Is Your Brand Speaking-

Now that you have a mindset about time, the next question is, why isn’t a brand just a logo?

Well, this is where marketing comes in. When you have a brand it becomes a part of your marketing message. It’s the symbol of the results you provide for your clients and customers.

If you are a health and wellness coach, does your brand make potential clients feel healthier? Are the colors with your brand associated with wellness and well-being? More importantly, is your brand attracting your ideal clients?

When designing a brand you not only gain a logo to use on your website and marketing collateral, you also have an identity.

People should be able to look at your logo, the colors used on your website and your social media sites, and identify it with the marketing message you are conveying.

Why do you think there are some timeless companies with recognizable brands? Because they worked with a professional and got branding right.

Here’s my question for you – are you ready for a professional brand? Or are you still in the moment where branding is not for you yet? Share your thoughts about branding.


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