I must admit its been a while since I’ve blogged which has given me plenty of time to step away and conduct some introspection. The end of the year is always a great time to refocus and reemerge with new energy for the year. Endings bring a beautiful pause, causing me to look back and question: “Where will I be next year this time?”

This year I want to focus on doing more.

More for my personal development as well as being impactful in my community. Although not really one to get bogged down with empathy and charity there is something so much more meaningful in giving unrequested and surprising gifts. I think we are givers at heart and even as we focus in motivating and inspiring those around us, the internal benefit is great as well. Which is why I want to spend this year focusing on inspiration and stepping it up.

2013 has personally been an eventful year. Most of the huge changes were career-wise and certainly for the better. The truth about stepping up is a year ago I would not have imagined I’d be here. So let’s see where 2014 takes us!

Without further ado I’d like to introduce my eight week blog series with a focus on turning dreams into reality. You can expect weekly posts with thought provoking suggestions, inspiring quotes and action items to help launch your dreams. I’ve also read quite a number of books and listened to several podcasts on making it happen, stepping up, finding your creativity and applying the entrepreneurial spirit.

The reason I decided to focus on turning dreams into reality is because I believe each of us has the opportunity to live our best life. We are full of creativity and innovation. We all have a story to share whether through art, writing, speaking or service. It’s time to see your dreams become reality. You’ve heard the phrase “life is short” a million times.

Take a moment to reflect, on looking back at the end of your life what do you want to accomplish? Visualize your dream and write down what it feels like when you have arrived. No dream is too big and don’t stick to reality. Innovators don’t get where they are today by following the rules.

Most of the regrets in my life have been because of playing it safe, not taking a chance and being too afraid to risk it, which is no way to live. A life dedicated to finding and staying within a set comfort zone and ensuring no surprises or unexpected adventures destroy that bubble of comfort is unfulfilling. The thing individuals who live in the safety of a comfort zone miss out on all the adventure, excitement and new horizons life has to offer.

Each year brings a fresh start, a year to plan and get to work on our resolutions and this time really make it happen. But you don’t have to wait until a year turns over to start fresh, beginnings don’t have to be big and glamorous, they can be as small as starting over the next minute. Now it’s up to you, are you willing to take the risk? It’s time to stop dreaming.

Action Items

Take a moment to reflect, what have you achieved in your life that you are proud of? What would you like to achieve?


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