I had a scary moment today when I pulled up my site to write this post and a huge database error slapped me in the face. Guess how quickly it was to get it up and running again? A total of 20 minutes with technical support handled on Twitter.

That’s the beauty about networking and getting in touch, connections are all around and there are always people to fix your problems, whether it’s a Tweet, a phone call, a message on Goodreads or a meetup in person.

There are unlimited ways to connect, problem solve, make things happen, and reach out to others around the world to get things done quickly. Why not step away from assumed standards and reach for the new normal?

Which is why many of my blog posts focus on:

I read a fantastic article today by AJ Leon called When We Have Dreamed Too Little and I encourage you to read and share it.

This article clicked with me because too often I find myself falling into the mindless circle of settling, giving in to the normal cliches and falling out of spontaneity. It’s time to close the chapter on average, normal, settling and start an incredible journey to extraordinary.

Journey to Extraordinary

One reason I love artists and creators is because creativity doesn’t take pause to blend in and fit in with the crowd. What makes a great artist is the ability to create something that unique that others can align with. (Plus artist tend to be on the eccentric side, which I like). Whether is writing, fashion design, painting, sculpting or anything else its time to share you story.

Stop waiting and let it out.

What inspires you to create? Share in the comments below!


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