There comes a time when a business must take to the skies whether based in a physical building or established by a traveling nomad. Whether this involves sending executives on a business trip for an important meeting to seal the deal or a suitcase entrepreneur moving to the next location, business and travel go hand in hand. Today’s prompt for the Blog Challenge is:

What travel tools and services are most important to you when taking your business abroad?

I’m a newbie to the world of travel hackers and top sites for travelers. However Natalie does a great job of covering what you should know before you go. Check out her post which cover everything from travel insurance to adapters. Travel tools and services which will be most important to me include:

Know before you go

Traveler’s Insurance

I’ve traveled internationally before but always for a brief period of time, there are a lot of unknowns in an adventure and although the risk of losing everything is still there it’s great to have a backup plan.


Normally I’m glued to my phone and computer (except for right now as I write this from a local coffee shop, I have no clue where my phone is). Wi-fi, long battery life and adapters are a must.


I originally learned about this site from Netted (one of my top online resources) and joined immediately. Hipmunk sends flight alerts right to my inbox, keeps me posted on deals and even has travel guides available on their site.


This site has several places you can stay at last minute or plan a trip and book unique, local escapes.

International Phone Service

Connecting through phone calls and text messaging is the main way I stay in touch. My iPhone is actually a device I use more than my computer. If a service is not mobile friendly why use it?

These are my list of essential tools to help me stay in touch and connected while on the road.

What tools are essential to you as you travel?

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