“Life is what you make it.”

Life is What you Make ItWe’ve all heard this quote before, but what does it mean? I think we each, individually, need to write out or think through what life means to us. Many of us are desperately trying to live a full, meaningful, purposeful life. Many of us are seeking out our calling and attempting to figure out what we truly want out of life. My wake up moment occurred one day when I was driving to work, stressed and grumpy. Now, naturally I am an upbeat, positive, happy-go-lucky individual who sees the best in everyone and every situation. Yet, as I made my commute, thinking about the where I was then and where I wanted to be five years from that day, I realized I was turning into a grumpy, bitter person. And five more years would certainly make me forget how to love and enjoy life like a child does.

I love spending time with kids because they live in the moment.

Their minds are eager, curious, creative and hungry for knowledge. I’ve heard surprising words come out of their mouths and listened to them tell me stories they’ve made up of fantasy worlds. Life, for them, is all about what is happening now. Yes, they have dreams, dreams to grow up one day and become a doctor, or dancer, or the hero of Star Wars. For them, life offers much to look forward to. But then they grow up and life isn’t at all what they expected. There are bills to pay and jobs to search for, exams to study for, cars and houses to buy, conflicts and problems and solutions. Life can turn someone into a cynical, bitter individual or into someone who is overflowing with excitement, living their dreams day by day.

Life is what you make it. Yes, there are the so called rules of life, the systematic processes you must follow in order to become a success:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Attend a prominent College and earn 2-3 degrees
  • Work your way up the ladder in a corporate office
  • Buy your dream house, car, boat, motorcycle
  • Work very, very, very, hard so you can play later (retirement)

Those are the rules to some people’s lives. But they don’t have to be the rules to your life. Write down three things you want to accomplish with your life. These could be anything:

  • Write a bestselling novel
  • Backpack across Europe
  • Start a family
  • Create a band and tour cross country
  • Open your own restaurant

Just because your dreams are different from anyone elses doesn’t mean you don’t have to go after them. Life is what you make it.

Will you fight for your dreams or get swept up in the flow?


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