The 30 Day Blog Challenge is winding to a close and I’ve had a chance to learn new things, meet a new community of suitcase entrepreneurs and write consistently. Today’s prompt is:

What does your blueprint for living the dream look like to you?


  • What do you want in your life beyond all certainty?
  • What’s a non-negotiable you are not prepared to give up for anything else?
  • What don’t you mind forsaking in return for having more of something else?

INever Give Up on Dreams know beyond all certainty that I don’t want to “settle”. I don’t want my life to be “normal” or mainstream.

I want to go against the norms and prove with my actions that the impossible can be done.

I don’t want to be “traditional” or put into a category. I know that I like the feeling of belonging. I like being noticed and perceived as indispensable. However I don’t mind forsaking home in turn for a wild adventure, filming a video in a remote location or writing a novel in the mountains. I don’t mind getting up early to watch the sunrise or work hard because it’s rewarding. I like to complete what I start because reaching the finish line moves me up a notch in achieving my dreams.

The blueprint for living my dreams is vague some times and other days crystal clear. I know I want to do something that matters, I want to build a community that inspires others and encourages them to live their dreams.

The road to success is full of stories, encouragement, and community. Those who truly want to live their dreams will never give up striving for what they want most.

What does living your dream mean to you?

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