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Welcome Indie Authors! I created this section exclusively to help you get a jumpstart on marketing your amazing book!

In 2015, I published an epic fantasy novel, The Five Warriors, and had a ton of fun working on my marketing and promotion. I did a lot of social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and advertisement.

In the end, it paid off and I met my goal, which was to get my book in the hands of 2,000 readers within 60 days.

In 2017 I published The Blended Ones and focused on cross-promoting with other authors and focusing on my email list. Although the launch was different, it ended up being effective in gaining daily book sales and tripling my email list.

Here’s what I recommend for helping you get a kickstart on marketing your book. 



Download the guide: How to Plan an Epic Book Launch in 6 Steps – $0.00

Learn how to create a landing page for your book by taking the Book Sales Page Course – $97

Take the course How to Plan a Book Launch: A Book Marketing Couse for Serious Indie Authors – $200.00


Need a more personal touch? Schedule a book marketing consult

Build your Author Platform. Don’t want to DIY? Get a “done for you” book sales page or website

Self-Publishing Support. A 90-day program to help you get your book published and start your book marketing progress. Learn More.

Book Marketing Boost. This program is designed to help you take your book marketing to the next level. Learn More.

Book Launch Action Plan. I will create a customized book launch plan for you. Learn More

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