One morning on my way to my favorite coffeehouse (to start the day with a white chocolate mocha), I was listening to “guess the celebrity” on the radio.

At least, it seemed like that was the game they were playing. Basically, the radio DJ’s posted a photo of a celebrity on social media, and everyone tried to guess it.

Later, they went on to talk about different celebrity VIPs and who they were marrying or divorcing, where they were spotted last night, what hairstyles they are wearing, what color nail polish they are sporting. As you can imagine, it went on and on and on.

Famous People


Because we are obsessed with celebrities. We are obsessed with famous people! Raise your hand if you’ve ever followed a celebrity just because they are a celebrity. Even the thought of meeting someone famous makes us all giddy and lightheaded. You know it, we all have our celebrity crushes, whether it’s a model, actor, actress, musician, author, politician, etc.

I’ve started to wonder. Why?

Why do we have this needy obsession to follow the life and times of famous people?

What do they have that we don’t have?

Honestly, do we want to swap places with them and embed ourselves into the demands of their lives, even just for one day?

Would it make us happy or happier?

As I was thinking over the celebrity obsession and the reasoning behind it, I realized it because we all want to belong somewhere. We all want to relate to each other on common ground. Deep inside us there is a strong desire to belong, to be together.

There is a desire to create a lifestyle that brings us together in a community. And if we can relate because we all watch “Keeping up with Kardashians” or “The Bachelor” then so be it. Now we have something to talk about and obsess over, and it makes us feel connected.

Community and togetherness are synergies we all crave. There’s a certain euphoria that goes on in our brains when we’re around people that connect with us and make us feel appreciated, important and valued. The real different between us and celebrities is their traits are more well-known and visible. Their lifestyle choices, mistakes, failures, and success are under the public eye for scrutiny.

It takes a certain kind of person to live that kind of lifestyle, out in the public eye, exposed to bitter criticism and intense devotion. The kind of person who knows how to stand against criticism and how to take negative feedback without throwing a pity party for themselves.

Imagine if someone was following you around with a video camera, taking in your every movement, posting it to Facebook and Twitter, live streaming it on Perioscope. Would it change the way you act, the words you say, the clothes you wear?

Would you try to live in a way that keeps the public engaged, or would you stay true to yourself regardless of public opinion?

It’s important to know, not everyone will like you. Not everyone will think what you’re doing is a great idea or realistic. People will tell you, you won’t reach your goals, you aren’t enough. But that’s just not true.

On the other hand, you will have people who support you, who encourage you, who are huge fans of everything you do. That network is important as you take on bigger projects, and you expand beyond our immediate circle of friends and family. Whether you’re writing a book, creating a fashion line, starting a business or selling your artwork, you need those people.

If you read my post last week, it’s time to give up on your dreams and make things happen. But make sure you’re surrounded by the right people!

Need help to stay accountable completing your next project? I’m here to cheer you on. Let’s get started.


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