Recently I’ve been watching a lot of shows about lawyers. One reason I love watching those kinds of shows is that lawyers are passionate about winning each case for their client. They spend time investigating, digging into cases, researching and learn every single micro detail. While being a lawyer is a just a job (and I’ll leave it to you to argue that), I completely under being passionate about my contribution to the workforce.

Work provides an extrinsic motivation – the ability to earn a paycheck, there is also the intrinsic motivation of a job well done. I love those days when everything is done, all projects are tidied up and I can leave the office and start fresh in the morning. However I realize that as much as I enjoy working that are many projects which, because of the priority or due date, are quickly completed and turned in, which is a different story for any of my personal projects.

What if we poured that same passion, research, dedication to detail and attention to reach hard deadlines into our personal lives and things we do for ourselves. Passion wins the day every time. Winning does always mean monetary terms, but don’t give up on your passion. Get your goals, hit your deadlines and make it happen!

Passion Wins the Day

What have you been putting off?


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