If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’ll noticed this quote pops up quite a few times:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

It’s one of my favorite mottos for my entrepreneurial lifestyle. When I first started freelancing, I worked from home every single day, which can get quite lonely. But when I started co-working and going to events, I noticed the uptick in my productivity and the growth in my business.

There have been several moments that remind me of the power of community and how we are much stronger together.

In fact, the underlying tone of my fantasy novel, The Five Warriors, conveys that very message. We are stronger together.

Last summer when I was putting together the marketing plan for The Five Warriors, I focused on finding brand ambassadors. These are the people who rave about my book and share it with everyone they know. They make all the difference and it’s due to their sharing, re-sharing and dead honest reviews, that my book got as far as it did and is still selling today!

Well, here’s the hard part. I had to one by one find people, make friends with them, and convert them into book ambassadors. I had to do my research on platforms that marketed and promoted books for indie authors. I spent hours reading articles, books and doing my homework when it came to Amazon optimization, formatting, marketing ideas and best practices. It was a ton of time and energy and it was completely exhausting!

I would have loved to have been apart of a community exclusively for indie authors to help me become a better writer and help my book go further. So, when Shayla Eaton, president of Curiouser Editing and book ambassador for The Five Warriors told me she was creating a community, I was thrilled! Curiouser Author Society, an invite-only community for serious indie authors, officially opened it’s doors on May 17th.

I got a sneak peak and I have to say it makes my life much easier. As you may know, I’m working on my second book, The Blended Ones, and it’s in the beta reader phrase. Instead of spending time hunting down beta readers, I’ve already got a tribe of writers to support me and help my book become excellent. Curiouser Author Society is one place to go for:

– all the book promotion you need
– Book ambassadors to support your book launch
– Dozens of marketing ideas to promote your fiction or non fiction book
– Beta readers to help make your book better
– Interviews with bestselling authors you can learn from to help you step up your writing and marketing
– Resources to help you become a better writer and help you sell more copies
– A community of support to keep you motivated
– One stop solution to hire a book cover designer, publicist, editor, brand marketer, web designer and more

I mean, if you could just pay a minor monthly fee for access, how would that change your writing? Would you actually be able to achieve your dreams, market your book and watch the positive reviews come pouring in?

Hey, I did a fantastic job marketing my book and I met my goals. It took time and energy. I was frustrated and worried and nervous because I had to look hard for that support and I didn’t have a community.

When you’re starting from scratch, it’s tough to make big things happen but it’s not impossible. Which is why it’s better to have a community to motivate you to push your goals to the next level.

After all of you want to go fast…go alone. But if you want to go far…go together.

Join me inside the Curiouser Author Society. It’s only a small price to pay for taking the next step in achieving your dreams.

How have you benefited by being part of a community?


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