Going on vacation can be stressful for me at least.

There’s the chance to leave behind my daily routine, my consistent work environment and let go of control of all my projects, clients and last minute updates. My cell phone is generally on around the clock and connected to email, social media and whoever just might happen to need me. The pattern in my life has been to put myself in a position where people need me. While there is no one else with my skill set, or empathy, or ability to be the friend you can lean on. Granted there is no one like me in the world, then again, there is no one like you in the world either. Using my uniqueness as a crutch to stay available, always on and never take time for myself only leads to one thing: burnout.

One reason vacations should be a requirement for everyone is to prevent burnout before it begins. And vacation doesn’t have to mean an action packed trip to who knows where to shop, spend, go out every night and end up coming home longing for a recovery vacation. (Not to say that some don’t have the momentum to keep going at all times). When the time came for my vacation I figured it was time to take advantage of all the writing, reading and traveling to new locations I’d like to do, which is how I ended up in Tucson, Arizona.

Sunset in Tucson Arizon

Stepping off the plane into a neutral colored desert land is quick a shock from the lush, green of Nashville, Tennessee or the windy beach of Santa Monica. Cactus spring up everywhere and the rough, dessert terrain slopes upwards into low rolling mountains. The view from the resort I’m staying at is incredible and hot springs gush from the pool outside. To familiarize myself with the landscape i took a walk at sunset, while the dusk lands drew near, casting shadows over the pathway. The happy lights in the city twinkled from a distance and various homes built into the hills showed friendly lights, a beckon of life.

This vacation is an opportunity for me to relax, spend time doing things for myself and not think about work. Instead of rushing around finding things to do I’ve opted for the peace and serenity of nature. Once the week ends I’m sure I’ll be ready to get back to the hustle and bustle, but for now I will enjoy 4 more glorious sunsets.

What do you do on vacation to help you de-stress?


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