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Buzzfeed has a lot of quizzes and I often find myself sitting on the website, taking quiz after quiz for no reason.

It’s fun. It amuses me. And I always want to know if I agree with my results, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

(For example, the Harry Potter quiz told me I should be in Slytherin house…)

As I was wasting my life on Buzzfeed it hit me. Quizzes are a fun way to introduce your book to new people.

Think about it, they answer the questions, find out who or what they are in your novel, and share the results with their friends. Genius. These Buzzfeed people are onto something.

The biggest struggle with creating my own quiz was the technology. Most resources are clunky and do not pair well with my website.

They also do not connect with my email list.

I struggled with how to improve the user experience until I met the founder of Interact Quiz Builder and learned about the tool he created for quizzes.

Using Interact, I created a quiz for my upcoming novel, The Blended Ones. As a result, my website traffic doubled and new leads started pouring into my email list. Take look at the quiz here.

Quiz - Cover Page

Follow these steps to make your quiz a success.

Keep it simple

Interact comes with quiz templates so all you need to do is plug in your content. Keep it simple, start with 5 or 6 questions and limit it to 4 or 5 answer choices per question. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you start thinking too big.

Use Visuals

The success of BuzzFeed quizzes is largely due to the photos and gifs they use in each quiz. Interact allows you to have a main image for each question, however, each answer choice can also have its own image. Visuals work well to convey your message and keep people moving through the quiz.

CTT - Book Quiz

Make people think

Your goal is to get people curious about your book so that they will buy and read it. Ask questions that include character personalities that clash, intrigue about the world you created, and tough choices your character likely had to make throughout your novel.

Quiz - Answer Choices

Ask for an email address

This one sealed the deal for me. At the end of the quiz, you can ask people for their email address in order to see their result. However, they don’t have to fork over their email address, there’s also an option for them to skip that part and receive their answer immediately. Most people read quickly and will drop in their email address, they want to see their result and the “skip” button implies that they might not get it – even though they will.

Use a call to action

After capturing the email address, the result is displayed along with a call to action. While people are automatically encouraged to share via social media, you can choose your own call to action. I ask people to go directly to my book sales page to learn more about the book and order their own copy. If they don’t buy immediately, it’s okay because they are on my email list and I have freebies, giveaways and more goodies available for them.

Quiz - Result and CTA

Use analytics to improve your lead generation

The best part about Interact Quiz Builder isn’t even the ability to use your own branding, add photos, connect with your email software, or embed the quiz directly on your site. What I love about it is the analytics.

Quiz - Analytics

I can see how many people have started the quiz, finished it, and how many leads I’ve gotten so far from it. I can even seen which answer choices are most popular. I must admit, I’m a bit of a data nerd and I love looking at those things, but it helps me know what to improve in the future.

Want to see how it works? Take the quiz: Where does your allegiance lie?

Next time you’re searching for a creative way to market your book or even products and services, try using a quiz. It’s a better way to build your email address instead of focused on the giveaways and free resources everyone else is offering.

Use Interact to build your own quiz.

What creative ways are you using to market your books? Share in the comments below.

Promote your Book and Engage Readers with a Quiz from Interact Quiz Builder.


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