Start your own businessSo you are thinking about starting a business. It’s fun, isn’t it? The potential of success is within grasp.

Your glass ceiling shatters and your income is limitless. You see the freedom of choosing your own hours and earning what you are worth, not what someone else is willing to pay you.

Even better news for you, the best is still yet to come. Your dream is a big fog in front of you. It has no shape, no texture, no form. It’s just there. As you dig into your heart, your mind, and your passion, this blob will begin to take shape. It will become your tangible, attainable dream. But be warned, it will not happen without your direct involvement. You are the glass blower, the sculptor, the potter. You must shape this idea into your career.

I have compiled these questions to help you begin crafting. Apply this formula to each question and you will be amazed at what you will reveal about yourself.

  • be honest with your answers
  • write them down
  • only think about what you WANT to do, not what you CURRENTLY do
  • don’t tell yourself “no” under any circumstances

What would be my favorite thing to do every single day?

Personally, I love crunching numbers and finding the road map of possibility. I also like interacting with people. So being a results-driven business consultant with an emphasis in marketing  is perfect for me, because I can do it every day and still be happy. It thrills me. Google options for inspiration. Discover as many things as you can that you wouldn’t mind doing daily.

Do I like the idea of working from home?

This is important to ask because of how many opportunities there are to work from home. Never before have we had such incredible and successful options to work from home, around family. If yes, you can build a career in freelance work, writing, creating, designing, etc. If no, then you may be looking to create a storefront, or maybe you will rent office space for yourself, depending on the career you create.

Do I want to work with people?

It’s a big loss on you to figure out you don’t like working with people after you have upset customers and driven business away. Not wanting to work with people doesn’t mean you can’t have clients. It only means that you will want to have people in your company who thrive in those areas, leaving you time to do the art you love. If you have seen Parenthood, think of Hank and Sarah at the photography studio, or John Watson to Sherlock Holmes.

What are my favorite hobbies?

This is a huge insight to your true passions. What you do for a hobby will tell you what you love to do and would even pay for the opportunity. If you would do it without being paid, how much more enjoyable to make a living doing it!

If I could remove one thing from my job description, what would it be?

What one thing requires your attention and your time that would never once go amiss if you never had to do it again? Emailing follow ups with clients? Filling out expense reports? Greeting every customer that walks through the door? You can set other people to those tasks, or create a career without those tasks. Believe it or not, other people love doing that stuff.

When I was a child, what did I want to be when I grew up?

Some childhood dreams are foolish, but beneath the fantasy is truth about what kind of person you wanted to be. I wanted to be a pro baseball player, but I’m too old to get into that now. What has remained is the desire to inspire people and work on a team. In your own childhood daydreaming is your greatest personal desire, wrapped in a cape or a tiara.

Now that you have finished your musings, stick them in a desk drawer and forget about them. Set an alarm in your calendar to pull them back out in a week. Then, start putting the pieces together and begin crafting your perfect career. The sky is the limit and you are only bound by your imagination.


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