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Sometimes you read something and it strikes you right away, or sometimes you see an issue and you know you have to take action? I stumbled upon Kallen’s work while reading an article on LifeHack and reach out to him immediately. Read his motivating story about the lives he’s impacting with his work.

Kallen speaking @ Brave New BooksQ: Why did you choose to write Reaching the Finish Line and who/what gave you the idea to make it happen?

A: Since the Great Recession, I have been working to restore the hope to Americans that they can still achieve “The American Dream.” I have helped over 2,000 people reach the finish line in their careers.

I have traveled across the nation and find it hard to be convinced that the economy has reached a full recovery. A significant portion of Americans are either limited to a part-time job or forced to take multiple part-time jobs to support themselves and/or their family. While I would love to help as many people as possible, there is only so much time to do so. So, I wrote the book to serve as a quick resource tool for people to get started on their journey.

Q: What roadblocks have you encountered?

A: Adversity, mainly. In the last decade, I have stopped looking at it as a bad thing. Furthermore, I have learned that your success is in proportion to your ability to live with uncertainty. Society has often indoctrinated us to put labels on people and things. He is right and she is wrong. This is good and that is bad. There is no good or bad. There is just perception. So, for me, roadblocks are valuable lessons which are arguably just as valuable as ones obtained from college.

Q: What successes have kept you motivated?

A: Since the release of the book, it’s been harder to keep count of the number of people that I have helped in their careers. However, helping over 2,000 people probably has been one of my highlights of success. My book has made the Kobo and Amazon bestseller list but I think helping thousands of people reach the finish line in their careers has been the primary motivator.

Q: What words of wisdom would you like to share?

A: Embrace uncertainty and realize that certainty is just an illusion. People work jobs that they think are secure until they get fired or laid off. People get married and think that they don’t ever have to worry about love until their spouse leaves them or dies. Living with uncertainty allows you to grow personally and professionally. The longer that you live with uncertainty, the more you’ll be comfortable with facing anything that life throws at you. I’m not saying it’s easy. Although, it becomes easier when you learn to practice it.

Q: What is one action individuals should take towards Reaching the Finish Line?

A: There is surely one thing that people would like to do and they have the means to do it but fear is getting in their way. I would challenge them to answer the following questions honestly: “If I do nothing, will it improve my life?” and “If I did something different, could it improve my life?”

Start setting parallel goals. Set a target with 3 different outcomes that will satisfy you, ranging from minimum, moderate, to maximum. Begin living in uncertainty and just focus on being successful. Parallel goals only requires that you achieve one metric to be successful. From each success, set a new set of parallel goals and start again. You will notice that living in uncertainty is not scary as you imagined.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Anyone who buys my book, Reaching the Finish Line, from my website will be invited to a 1 hour Q&A call to ask me their career related questions (including the information mentioned in my book).

Want more? Click here to snag a copy of Kallen’s book, Reaching the Finish Line.

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