Social media marketing. What words come to mind when you hear social media? As a blogger, brand, business, and author, we all know the implications of social media. It seems to be a necessary evil in the world. I enjoy discussing the topic of social media because it’s one way I’ve grown my business, connected with readers, writers, bloggers and have had the ability to increase my book sales. I often debate that people don’t enjoy social media as much as they should because they are using it the wrong way.

Social media isn’t a popularity contest. You don’t need to have the most likes and comments on everything. Social media is about building relationships with others who will help propel you to your goals. Whether it’s getting encouragement, finding like-minded connects, chatting with readers, planning promotions with authors or other collaborations opportunities. Social media is all about connection, not selling.

Recently, I had to realign my stance on social media and where I stand. I knew it was time to make some changes, which I why I started using the tool Viraltag. When Viraltag first appeared on the scene, it was the place to be for Pinterest Management, however, I like the tool for a variety of reasons.

Why Viraltag?

Viraltag is an all-in-one marketing platform. You can use Viraltag to find quality visual content to share, improve your own photos and create original graphics, and then schedule it all to post at the best times on social media.

When it comes to blogging, I use usually create and upload my own graphics (using Canva). From there I schedule my posts using Viraltag and add them to the evergreen queue (more on that in a minute!)

When it comes to promoting my books, Viraltag has been a massive time saver. Many of the book promotions I participate in happen within a specific time window, which means my posts need to be scheduled on social media during those 5-7 days. I love the ability to schedule posts ahead of time instead of adding them to an automated queue, like Buffer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Buffer, but I was having trouble getting scheduled posts to stay where they belonged!

Who uses Viraltag?

As an author and blogger, I find the ease of scheduling an excellent way to stay consistent on social media. Independent bloggers and big consumer brands use Viraltag to execute their marketing and build their brands. Conde Nast, Hearst Publications, H&M, Lacoste, and AOL’s Style Me Pretty are just a few of the 10,000 brands using Viraltag.

Here’s a fun stat for you: Viraltag users see four times the amount of engagement on everything they share through Viraltag. They also see their followers increase by 25% every month for each social account that they use with Viraltag.

How it works

Viraltag supports scheduling to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. You can connect multiple accounts on any social channel depending on your plan.

Create and Curate content

Viraltag gives you several options for finding your own content to share.

Add RSS feeds from your favorite blogs or websites with content your audience will value. A feed of the most recent photos and visuals will automatically appear in your dashboard and you can schedule directly from there.

Search popular images to find photos being sharing by Viraltag users. Browse for content to share by category or search by keyword.
Simply click to schedule something you would like share. The link is automatically included to direct traffic to the original source.

Viraltag also makes it simple for you to share your own content. You can upload photos directly from your computer or from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, and Instagram with the Upload tool.

Viraltag offers editing features, so you can edit and enhance any photo you share. You can also create graphics from scratch with our Canva integration. You can choose to create a graphic for a specific social network, follow easy instructions, and schedule directly. All the graphics you make will be stored in your dashboard and can always be scheduled again in the future. (This is the coolest thing EVER and saves so much time! P.S. Did you know Canva Print is coming soon?)

Schedule and Recycle content

Schedule content from anywhere on the web with the Viraltag Browser Extension.

Just like using the Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button, the Viraltag button allows you to bring up all the photos on any web page and simply click to schedule one or multiple to your social networks. You can even use this button to schedule your repins.

After you’re happy with the selections, the next step is to schedule the images to your social channels. Edit the caption, type in the source URL, select the social profiles you want the post to go out to and Schedule it to go out at a particular time or Add it to your posting queue.

With the ‘Post Recycling’ feature, you can add in content in the Evergreen content Library, and Viraltag will automatically recycle these posts for you. Scheduling social media is time-consuming and I enjoy reposting content to keep my feeds consistent. Since some of my older blog posts are some of my most popular content, it makes sense to re-schedule posts at least monthly. Another reason to reschedule content is that my social media accounts are always growing, this allows newer followers to find content which helps them stay creative.

Use the ‘Collaboration’ feature for effective Social media planning

While I don’t have any team members, this section is useful for collaborators, giving you the ability to have real-time conversations with your team members, comment on posts, edit them and approve them when they’re good to go. Use the Drafts section to collaborate with your team members and make sure your social media posts are of the highest quality before they get published.

Grow your reach on social media and collaborate with fellow bloggers

Viraltag Circles is a feature that lets you collaborate with your friends and peers, and share and exchange content collectively. This way you can network with people and grow your reach.

With Circles,

– You can connect with people in your niche, including marketers and influencers.

– Grow your presence and reach on Social Media

– Have a constant stream of new content flowing in that you can share.

I don’t have any Circles on Viraltag yet, but as soon as you join, we can swap content together. Join here. 

Track results

Analytics are highly important to me…yes I’m a bit of a data nerd. I want to see what posts are most engaging, what visuals worked best and the recommended timeframe for posting. Viraltag reports give you actionable analytics about your traffic and social accounts. Connect your Google Analytics to see the number of visitors reaching your website from each social channel. Learn the best times to post to get the most engagement for everything you share. Learn how your specific content performs with Pinterest analytics

Save time

Viraltag has several features to help you save time and automate your social sharing. Set up a posting schedule for each social network. Then simply add content to your queue and know it will be published automatically at your preset times!

Use bulk scheduling to schedule multiple things at the same time. Bulk edit and tailor content specific to each social profile with ease.

See what Viraltag can do for your business! Sign up for a free 14 day trial. Viraltag offers a variety of plans depending on your needs. Your turn, what are your goals when it comes to social media? What tools help you save time and energy?

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