Waterfalls are the sheer enormity of greatness and the powerful display of what a thousand droplets of water can do.

Last weekend I went hiking through waterfalls, into what is turning into a yearly trip to Cummins Falls, a State Park in the heart of Tennessee.

It’s quite a dangerous trek, only just this past year over 100 injuries and three deaths have been reported. But as treacherous as it may appear, Cummins Falls is a gorgeous display of power and well worth the slippery hike through the lake.

Actually it’s a walk down the river to where the waterfall pours into a deep watering hole where hundreds flock each summer to swim, picnic and take pictures.

Dastardly hot, it’s a happy place nonetheless as you can tell from my delightful picture. Down in the canyon, it’s one of those places where I found myself caught up in those perfectly happy moments, surrounded by beauty and nature.


This weekend my adventures took me to Percy Priest Dam and Lake located just north of Nashville, Tennessee. The river is a popular spot for fishing, boating and jet-skiing off into the wild.

The site actually ended up being my first LIVE Periscope. You can watch it here and follow me @aford21 where I’ll share more of my adventures plus my upcoming book launch.

Again, the combination of beauty, nature, and animals in their natural habitat bring in moments of clarity. At the encouragement of my business coach, I took some time to step away from the usual hustle and bustle of city life and clear my head.

What was I seeking?


Often, finding crystal clear clarity seems hard.

We tell ourselves we don’t know our mission, our purpose. Because honestly, we don’t.

Some of us have reached the point of epiphany, and some of us haven’t. But in order to keep moving forward in finding ourselves we need something else.

Willingness to stick with it and willingness to grow.

One day I woke up and told myself, I’m a writer! Which is what I am. I’m also an action planning coach and marketing consultant.

So what do I stick with? What is the one thing that makes me stand out?

Above all them, writing is my preference but I love making a difference and while some need coaching, others are well on their way and only need a consultant. Does that mean I should just stick with one thing?

Throughout life, you’ll find yourself wearing many different hats, and that’s okay. But always remember when the dust settles if you aren’t doing what makes you happy, what’s the point?

If you feel too busy and stretched too thin, maybe it’s time to look at what you can cut out. Wearing many hats isn’t necessarily a good thing just as multitasking can make you average at many things.

Sometimes you need to step away from your everyday routine, go out in the world, seek adventure and find clarity.

Clarity for the next actionable step to finding your purpose and making it happen.

What do you do to find clarity? What actions, locations or adventures make you feel in touch with your inner self? Join the conversation!

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